Power or Empire

It’s great to see so many new shows featuring People of Color in the lead. However I have been thinking about Power and Empire a lot with Power season finale occuring on this past Sunday and with Empire starting Season 3. So the question which is the better show in my opinion hands down Power. I’m a Empire fan but the writing is uneven what do we really know about the characters. Why did Cookie fall for Luscious. Where’s Cookie mama? To be totally honest season 2 of Empire was a total mess. I’m hoping they make some adjustments and better develop the characters story instead of having guest appearances from random celebrities because its a hot show. Power writing is much more cohesive. You root for Ghost and Tasha. You can’t deny the chemistry between Ghost and Angela. You see the pain in Tommy’s eye and how Ghost and Tasha is his family and how protective he is of them. You genuinely care for these characters despite the fact that they are doing bad things. I cant always say that is the case for Empire characters. I’m going to continue to watch Empire hoping that the characters evolve, but Power has got my heart. Let me know your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ms. Culture Keeper-

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