Why are People Mocking Kim Kardashian? Brand or Human Being

Kourt Nearly Flashed Her Lady Bits In CRAZY Revealing Dress Before Kim's Robbery!

Why are people mocking Kim Kardashian West after she has been a victim of violence. Is it because people no longer view her as a human being with flaws and emotions. Or is her life so staged the line between reality and perception is so blurred that people are openly questioning and mocking the situation as if this is something her and her mother Kris Jenner has cooked up for KUWTK due to a decrease in viewership. One must remember Kim is a mother, wife, sister, and aunt and the ordeal must have been extremely scary. Thank goodness she is alive and safe. But one still has to ask Brand or Person. Robin Givhan from the Washington Post has a good idea about why people may not be so empathetic:

“Kardashian does not seem real. Every part of her life — fertility struggles, pregnancy and marriage — have been in the public domain. She seems less a person and more of an idea, a personality, an icon, a scourge, a curiosity.Kardashian helped to pioneer a new kind of celebrity — one whose job is fame. One who is omnipresent but untouchable. Glossy, air-brushed. Perfectly imperfect. Enabled by fashion and its myth-making ability. But in some ways, a victim of it, too.

The reaction to the Kardashian robbery has, in many quarters, been unkind. But that’s not because people don’t have empathy for a woman, a mother, a wife. They just don’t have empathy for a hollow brand.

And in the process of building her significant wealth and fame, it’s the brand — not the person — that people know.”

Ms. Culture Keeper


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