Into Each Life A Little “Fall” Plus Fashion Must Reign

Fall is in the air and for this special blog. I have the pleasure of interviewing beauty and fashion expert Pepper Martin. Pepper has an amazing blog which focus on the latest trends in fashion for women beyond the average size. Pep as she likes to be called is a personal stylist, shopper, and closet organizer. Her mission is to show plus size women of all ages that they too can look as fabulous as their favorite celebrity or corporate mogul without spending tons of money and with minimal effort. “I like to reach beyond the fashion’s mainstream concept of trendy looks by mixing priceless vintage pieces with modern classics.” Her love for mixing vintage and modern pieces reflects in her personal style. Pep’s goal is to show women that they can have it all in fashion and life: Self- Love, Confidence and A Great Wardrobe.

I believe fashion is an expression of one’s inner self and not a reflection of every one’s expectation of what should be expressed. I immediately fell in love with PrettyPlusPep fashion blog because fashion should always reflect your personal style, which is her motto. I too am a huge fan of mixing prints along with vintage and modern pieces. How you look is often a result of how you feel.

Check out my interview with beauty and fashion expert Pepper Martin:

Ms. Culture Keeper: What made you want to start your blog PrettyPlusPep?
Pepper Martin: I just got a new job in Florida and I was away from my family and friends. I would post pictures of my outfits every morning before heading off to work and most of my female friends would ask me where I shop and when did I get certain items. A friend suggested I start a blog that way more women would see my corporate plus size style.

Ms. Culture Keeper: Who was your first style icon?
Pepper Martin: Ester Williams. I’m a huge fan of movies from the 50’s. I loved the way the women dressed during that film era.

Ms. Culture Keeper: When you can’t think of anything to wear what is your current one to go to Fall outfit?
Pepper Martin: Anything that is a Jumpsuit is my fall back. You can pair a jumpsuit with anything.

Ms. Culture Keeper: What colors are on trend for Fall?
Pepper Martin: Wine, Deep Greens and Navy is what I’m excited about.

Ms. Culture Keeper: How has the plus size blogging world changed since you started out?
Pepper Martin: Brands are really out there seeking the billions of dollars plus size women have to offer.

Ms. Culture Keeper: What are you five favorite Fall Looks.
Pepper Martin: Suede Skirts, Dark Floral, Bomber Jackets, Tights and Cargo Jackets

Ms. Culture Keeper: What are your thought on mixing prints?
Pepper Martin: I LOVE IT! Print mixing can really brighten up a look.

If you are in the Montgomery area check out beauty and fashion expert Pepper Martin at the next Stylist Sessions and check her out on her amazing blog

Ms. Culture Keeper-

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  1. Toya C says:

    Love it !


  2. prithaghosh says:

    Wow its too good! I liked your post!
    I have already started following you 🙂
    Check out my blog also! It is also fashion and beauty related! I hope you will like it 🙂 Fingers crossed 🙂


  3. bellegabriella1 says:

    I love your outfits, especially that yellow dress!! Your story is so inspiring too! You know you’re doing something right when everyone is asking you where you get your clothes!


    1. Sacha says:

      What ?


  4. Barry says:

    Interesting interview – it’s always good to hear about different peoples passions and their viewpoints.


  5. Rachelejt says:

    You look stunning!


  6. Bindu Thomas says:

    Loves your outfit very much! Your story is very inspiring.


  7. Megan says:

    Yes! What a gorgeous outfit and I love this interview!


  8. Ellie Plummer says:

    You look so stunning! I love the yellow shirt, it’s such a gorgeous colour for this time of year.


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