5 Reasons Why I’m With Her!

Today is November 8, 2016. Election Day! Tuesday is the day that my new blog post would normally come out, but since today is such an important day. I want to take the opportunity to encourage people to get out and vote!. My new blog post will be out next Tuesday. Buckle it because it’s going to have people talking. Getting back to the subject at hand. Here are my 5 reasons Why I’m with Her:

  1. She’s has experience: Hillary Clinton has been Secretary of State, a U.S. Senator of New York, first lady of the United States and first lady of Arkansas. She understands how governing works. She has the knowledge and qualifications necessary to be an effective president. As a former secretary of state, I think we could all feel very comfortable about her interactions with other countries and leaders from around the world.
  2. Her Stance on Issues: She understands economic inequality-and wants to fix it. She’s Pro Equal Rights for LGBTQ community.This is a huge one for me. She supports responsible gun control legislation. She understands the need for criminal justice reform.
  3. She will nominate judges on the Supreme Court: She would nominate more liberal to moderate supreme court justices. She would also nominate more liberal to moderate judges to the lower court.
  4. She cares deeply about impoverished children: In Arkansas, she started an early childhood program. In Washington, she helped establish CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which supports more than eight million needy American kids. She has spent her entire life advocating for women and children.
  5. She knows how to Govern: Hillary has a reputation for reaching and working across the aisle with Republicans in the Senate, she had a very good reputation as someone who could work across the aisle to get things done. Her word was always good.                         In the end no matter what your political views are, the important thing is to exercise your right and VOTE!!!   Ms. Culture Keeper-

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