Party on a Penny

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” I love this time of the year. During the holidays I always do a lot of entertaining. I have two events that I always throw big parties for.  First is my son Ian’s birthday and Christmas Day. My son’s birthday is at the beginning of December and towards the end of the month I always have my annual Christmas party for friends and family. Whenever I throw a party. I always turn to my close friend who has a keen and creative eye when it comes to throwing a good ole party that’s full of laughter, fun, and cute ideas on a budget. I recently had the chance to meet with  my friend to get some ideas on throwing an upcoming party birthday party for my son who will be turning 11 and here are some of her suggestions:

*This will give you helpful information you need in order to create the perfect party on a budget!**

Everyone enjoys great events! The perfect party consists of three main things — people, food and fun! All this can be created with a lot of thought and planning, but on a budget. I enjoy planning my own events which can save money, but may cost you a little more time and energy.  Here are some helpful hints.


  • Number of guests. In the case of a budget, if you’re having a party where you have to pay for invited guests, a good way to go would be to invite the people closest to you. With that said, you do not have to pay a lot for a huge crowd of people. Set the number of guests and stick to that.
  • Event Location. Search for places that offer free, open space. A party at a local park where kids could play at the playground or a party at a beach where you could build a bonfire would be absolutely perfect! Your home is also a great place to throw a party, as you not only save by not renting a venue but you are also able to enjoy a party in an atmosphere you created and are in control of (time-wise, etc.)
  • Food. My favorite part of the party-planning process is the food! Kids and adults alike love finger foods. Creating finger foods like kabobs (veggie, fruit, meat, candy, etc.) is inexpensive, tasty, and can be well put-together. Grab & go items are a big hit at all types of parties! You can also find recipes to make your party food as gourmet as something you would buy or have catered! Examples could be salads, pasta, meatballs, mini pizzas, and my all-time favorite is a taco bar!!!! As a replacement for the big cake, cupcakes are a perfect example of improvising for your budget and can be just as fancy and creative as a bought cake! Again, you can make them yourself and if you want to add a little flare, color them, add decorations like candies or sprinkles, or you could even shape them all into a symbol that corresponds to your party theme if you have one! When it comes to a party, food can be the most expensive part, but also the most memorable part.  With just a little creativity and authenticity (making things yourself), you will have just as great of a time, as if all of your food was catered!
  • Entertainment. Music is the best form of entertainment! You could create a playlist of songs or find some of your favorite CDs. Games are also great entertainment and the best part about them is the fact you can create them, which makes them inexpensive.  You could also put your own spin on a favorite game to make them fun! Decorations are also excellent and you could visit a craft store, visit entertainment websites to get some great DIY ideas!


Happy Holidays!

Ms. Culture Keeper-



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  1. I like keeping the guest count low to save costs and have less to clean up lol

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial


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