GIVE: My Exclusive Conversation with NBC Executive Producer GARY REEVES


The man with a master plan. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting with Gary Reeves, who is the producing partner of Blair Underwood and Executive Producer of the NBC Show titled “GIVE.” Nonprofit organizations hold a special place in my heart. The idea of a show based on the premise of bringing awareness and money to a nonprofit warmed my heart. I work in the nonprofit arena and most people know, you work because you are committed and passionate about the population you serve.

The show “Give” introduces viewers to the world of philanthropy through the stories of small nonprofits who are making a huge impact in the communities they serve. The series features NBC News correspondent and the founder of UNICEF’s Next Generation, Jenna Bush Hager, esteemed actor Blair Underwood and passionate celebrity philanthropists from film, television, music, sports and business; all are on a mission to inspire others to do good deeds. In each episode, one of the celebrity ambassadors visits two charities that use innovation, best practices and dedication for change in their communities and the world. With the help of some of the country’s top foundations, viewers meet these inspiring individuals through the eyes of the celebrity ambassadors.
I asked show creator and Executive Producer what led him to create this show. Mr. Reeves’ response was ‘the need he felt to create more content that is positive and reflects what his values are around being of service to community and uplifting communities’. I was personally moved as I listened to him speak thoughtfully and passionately about being of service to your community. I work for a nonprofit agency in social services. Many nonprofits do so much good for communities on a very small budget. It is nice to see a show highlighting the work of nonprofits. It also doesn’t hurt to have a celebrity as ambassador.

So let me share why I think this show is MUST SEE TV:
– Feel Good Television. You can tell this is a show that the producers care about; they put a lot of love into this project.
– No Exploitation. This is a show with a big heart. No fighting or people demeaning each other. No eating critters or bugs. People just being of service to their – communities. Awe Inspiring. You see the staff at each organization and their level of passion and dedication. I get the privilege of seeing this in my own life every day. Hardworking people just giving of themselves.
– Raising Agencies Profile. Each week, two nonprofits get national media exposure to help raise the organization’s profile and there is a service component.
– Educational. You see celebrities struggling with the decision of which organization to help and want advice on how to give money thoughtfully. A show that teaches people how to give away money? And then shows the sheer joy that comes with doing it?

I hope you’ll watch and spread the word. I want each of these nonprofits to shine in front of as many people as possible.

Also, lots of viewers will mean another season and that means fifty-two more nonprofits get help next season.

You can catch “GIVE” on NBC on Saturday’s. Check your local station for times.

Catch a sneak peek below:

Ms. Culture Keeper-

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lakita says:

    Awesome I’ll check out the show


  2. Anthony Asberry says:

    Gary Reeves is a liar and a deceiver. He stole 15k from me and my wife. We loaned it to him supporting his TV show give. And he never paid it back! He has lied multiple times and continues to lie. All we where trying to do is help. Helping someone else’s dream turn into a nightmare for us. Gary is not a good person despite his TV show give.


    1. Tracy Taylor says:

      Anthony: Sadly, we have a similar, and perhaps even more tragic story about Gary Reeves. Perhaps we can help each other.


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