Ode to the Obama’s

President Obama Hosts Chinese President Xi Jinping For State Visit

Thoughts on President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama………….
I sat watching President Obama’s farewell address and it finally hit me that, in a few days he was  no longer going to be our President. The tears began to gently flow.  I remember when I was first introduced to Obama and his family  at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.  After his speech, in my heart, I knew that one day,  he was going to become President.  I did not know if it would be 4 years from 2004, but somehow I knew that it would happen. He had something special that I could not explain, but I saw more than talent, I saw our future.   I remember political pundit Chris Mathews stated after Obama spoke “I think we are seeing our First Black President.” It was not just me who saw something new and different, but someone who brought us joy and hope.
I was ecstatic when Obama became President. I donated money to his campaign. At the time my youngest son, Ian, was 2 years old. He even sensed that Obama was special and at the tender age of 2, would chant Obama’s name when I would watch some of his rallies. Ian is now 11 and what’s so amazing is, Obama has been President for most of his precious childhood. He understands that  there are no limits to his life. The impact of seeing a black family in the White House; a family that is a reflection of his home life,  is simple amazing.
The purpose of this blog was simply to share what Obama has meant to me. In my opinion, he is  a great man; his beautiful family is a testament to that. President Obama has lead this country with dignity and grace. There have been no scandals, mistresses, or abuse of power. Has he been perfect? No. No one is. There were times when I wished he would have let some people who opposed him have it, but he never wavered. He got this country through some difficult times despite fierce opposition and at times straight up disrespect. Even if you disagree with his policies, we can all agree that he is a man of integrity. That brings me to our amazing First Lady, Michelle Obama, whom the president referred to as his best friend. More Tears. She is such a role model for me. She is educated, brilliant and a great mother.  Dare I say that  if she wanted to run for office, I think she would win.  She is also a great orator, probably  better than the President, on the campaign trail. She made the White House accessible to people who may never have had a chance to see it otherwise. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Mrs. Obama. One last thought, after witnessing these past few unsettling weeks with the new President Elect, I know the one thing I will miss the most about our POTUS is his cool, steady hand and for always taking the high road.
Ms. Culture Keeper-

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