What’s hair got to do with it: My Exclusive Interview with The Virgin Hair Fantasy Company


When it comes to hair all women can relate. Nothing can make a women feel more self conscious if she believes her hair is does not look nice. This is one topic that tend to bridge all women together is our hair. Nothing makes a women feel more beautiful and confident than having a great hair day. For me my hair has played a huge role in my life. I have had short, long, and shoulder length hair. Permed, braids, extensions, colored, damaged you name it I have done it except I never had a Jheri Curl. One thing about me is I love to experiment with my hair. You will probably never see me in a same hairstyle for six months straight. After I gave birth to my last son. I decided to no longer perm my hair and transitioned from a perm and although my natural hair is a nice length and fairly course. I choose to wear protective styles such as braids, perucas, and or extensions. For me it’s really about easy maintenance. Those styles are easy for me to maintain as a full time professional, mommy, and blogger. Recently my style of choice has been to wear Perucas with my natural hair braided in cornrows. You may be asking yourself “What is a Peruca? A Peruca simply means Wig. I had the pleasure of interviewing the owners of The Virgin Hair Fantasy Company which specialize in Perucas. Their Peruca collection features full lace U-Part and full lace wigs with lace or silk top which allows for easy styling. In my opinion The Peruca Collection features the most natural looking wigs in the market. Every wig from their Peruca collection is customized and handmade for each individual. Their wigs are made with 100% virgin unprocessed hair. Wigs from their Peruca collection blend effortlessly with all hair textures.


Here is my question and answer with The Virgin Hair Fantasy Company:
Ms. Culture Keeper: How was The Virgin Hair Fantasy Company Started?
TVHF: As sisters we wanted hair that would match the texture of our natural hair so we decided to start to customize our own hair.
Ms. Culture Keeper: What is unique about your product?
TVHF: We cater to people who want a realistic and versatile look without any commitments.
Ms. Culture Keeper: What are benefits to wearing a peruca?
TVHF: It is a great option to rest or protect your natural hair while keeping up with the latest hair trends.
Ms. Culture Keeper: How long does perucas last?
Perucas can last a year or longer with proper maintenance. The Livre is the best due to its versatility.

Ms. Culture Keeper-

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