My First Date with Yoga: Sunday April 2, 2017

Last  night I woke up feeling extremely frustrated with myself for not properly taking care of myself physically by eating healthy and consistently exercising.  As someone who works in the helping profession. I have to admit I have not been consistently taking my own advice. Weight is the one area where I continue to struggle. Yesterday was the first day of April. I made a pact to take it one day at a time and try to do two things: No Soda, Exercise a minimum 3 days per week and see how it goes. One exercise that I have wanted to try but always felt extremely intimidated to do was Yoga. Recently I joined a gym close to my home. They offer Yoga classes so this morning I decided to go. The whole time I had to syke myself to go. One I’m a commuter so I like to sleep in on Sundays and watch political shows like, “Meet the Press.” Excuse after excuse kept popping up in my head but I told my head to shut up and I went to the 75 minute class. I have to admit my first date with Yoga was not a hot first date. I did not fall in love at first sight. However I did feel extremely proud of myself for sticking through the whole class. More importantly I did feel myself getting stronger and gaining strength which is empowering in itself. Yoga also reinforced the value of silence and calm. Life is so hectic especially when you are mom. Being still and breathing  allows you to listen to your inner voice. The biggest lesson I took away from Yoga is the commitment I want to make to taking better care of my body. What was such a blessing about today was right after Yoga. I went to fill myself spiritually at Church. I heard a great message on “How to get through a bad day.” Now at this very moment I am blogging a bout my experience with Yoga. To be honest I am more of a Zumba person, but I am open to exploring and doing more Yoga. So what is the saying when you meet someone who you want to learn more about, “Let’s take it nice and slow.”

Ms. Culture Keeper-


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