Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliot!

I was so excited to see Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliot on the June 2017 cover of Elle Magazine. Missy Elliot is a brilliant artist, writer, fashionista, and producer.

The 45-year-old covers Elle‘s June Women in Music issue and candidly talks about what it took to “build a legacy.” She says:

“One thing I won’t do is compromise. I will never do something based on what everybody else is telling me to do. And have to kick myself in the ass every night. Nah… I wouldn’t want to do something just to fit in. Because I never fit in.”

While not fitting the stereotypical mold of what a female rapper looks like, Missy’s style is just as vibrant, bold, and beautiful. So it’s no surprise that Elle and Marc Jacobs (whose fall/winter 2017 designs set off the entertainer on the magazine cover) are inspired by her tenacity and grace.

 Missy, thank you for being a inspiration to a generation of women and for teaching us that nothing looks better than being the very best version of yourself.

Ms. Culture Keeper-

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