How Motherhood changed me for the better.

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Mother’s Day was yesterday and it put me in a reflective mood. I became a mother at the tender age of 21.  My son came two months after a devastating family loss. He brought great joy to his father and myself. My oldest son made me want to be a good parent. I chose to go back to college and earn my bachelor’s degree.  I then went on to earn my graduate degree. My oldest son is now 20 and is a sophomore student in college. Where does the time go. I gave birth to my second son when I was 30 years old. He benefited from having a more wise, financially stable, and educated parents. My second son is one of the kindest people I know.

Motherhood is challenging. Especially when you are a working mother sometimes their is guilt especially when I am thinking too much about work. However my career and job bring me a great immense of joy. I have learned that pursuing my dream is good motherhood. I try to be as present as I can be when I’m at home. Turning off my cell phone. Checking in to see how their day went. Every day I work hard to try to be the best mother and person I know how to be. I have learned from my children patience, unconditional love, resilience. Yesterday my feelings of gratitude grew stronger  because to be a mother is such a special gift and honor.

As I think about my own mother and all the sacrifices that she made to provide me with a good life. To be able to still spend time with my mother laughing, gossiping, crying is such a joy. Many of my close girlfriends have loss their mother’s over the years. They have all stated how devastating it is to lose your mother. I cant imagine the pain they must feel.

I have  been a parent for twenty years, and I can’t imagine my life without my children! Parenting is both the hardest and most amazing job I have ever had. When you’re a mom, there is no such thing as a day off, and yes, exhaustion becomes your new normal. But you just figure it out!

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