5 Summer Beauty Tips for Black Women

It’s almost summer time and getting the perfect summer look is key. Here are 5 tips that will ensure your face is perfection during the summer months.

  1. Switch your Moisturizer: When summer arrives, there’s the sun and heat to worry about, and your skin is bound to become drier. You should switch your moisturizer and get one that’s best suited to summer.Lightweight moisturizers are usually the best, but only if you wear sun protective clothing. If you don’t do this, you’ll inevitably get color and it might result in uneven skin tone or even sunburn
  2. Water: It’s no secret than in summer, dehydration is one of the major problems we all go through. When you’re dehydrated, your natural scent will become more noticeable.


3. Primer: Primer does to your face what deodorant does to your armpits. It’s basically an antiperspirant that you should always wear, whether or not you’re wearing makeup.


4. Light Eye Make-Up: In summer, light eye shadow looks great. So choose pink, lavender, silver, soft green, lighter olive and neutral tones of any shade that you want to apply. Highlighter is also good. Carefully swipe your applicator on the eye lid, starting with inner corner and moving to the outer. Make corner as you like. Use darker shade for that.

5. Kiss Heavy Lipstick Goodbye: right stains and tinted balms, such as Laura Mercier HydraTint SPF 15, offer a healthy hint of color for summer. But if you desire that “I just ate a popsicle” look, tap on a bright, deeply pigmented lipstick with your finger, blot, then repeat until you reach your desired intensity, says makeup artist Dotti.

Below are some of my favorite summer looks:

Send in some of your favorite make-up tips.

Ms. Culture Keeper-

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