Is It Ever Okay to Hold Hands with a Married Man?

Lance Gross and Lil Mama

Is it ever appropriate to hold a married man’s hand. I recently saw a picture of two celebrities, one single and the other celebrity, very married, holding hands. Seeing this, I immediately had a reaction. My reaction was, what the hell is going on? I was bothered by the photo. Then I thought, what must his wife be thinking. The two co-stars holding hands could be totally innocent. They are both very likable actors. However, holding hands is a intimate act. Couples hold hands, children and parents hold hands. I don’t hold hands with my friends or co-workers. I would be very bothered if I witnessed my husband holding hands with another woman who was not a family member. I would take issue with it because I believe that is an act that we should only share with each other and/or our children and family.

I’m curious ladies, do you think it’s ever appropriate to hold hands with a single person if you are in a intimate relationship with someone. Let me know your thoughts.

Ms. Culture Keeper-


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  1. Perhaps a little perspective but female best friends hold hands all the time. Holding hands is not so intimate today in this age than it once was. That said even i wonder when people of the opposite sexes hold hands together. Which is pretty hypocritical of me.


    1. the shade of writing you bring up a great point. I have a question for you if you saw your partner holding hands in a intimate way with another person would that bother you?


      1. I don’t think I would be concerned. But that is because the dynamic of our relationship is very untraditional.

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      2. I left a more recent thought on this.. I have had lots of time to think and while initially I was ok with this I wasn’t viewing it the way it ought to probably be viewed… in a monogamous society for me if it was my spouse it be ok… but for this guy… I too wonder how his wife feels?

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  2. @theshadeofwriting every relationship is unique so I agree but I visualized if that was my husband holding hands with another women even if it was innocent I would not like it. There is something intimate about holding hands to me.

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