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Planning a fun party under the best circumstances can be a daunting task. Well I recently had to plan a birthday celebration for my son who turned 21 this month. My son is a no frills person. The main thing he wanted was pizza and a few of his buddies. Well, pizza works for me. However what would his cake be? That is where Sweetini Sweets come into the picture. Sweetini Sweets held a contest to sponsor a party where they would provide deserts and a photographer for your special event. My son’s 21st party was selected for the month of September to have Sweetini Sweets sponsor all his deserts. The theme of my son’s birthday was, “The Black Panther” from the comic books. Let me just say, they did not disappointment. For my son’s party they provided custom invitations, photographer, gourmet popcorn, customized water bottle labels, chocolate covered fruit, coloring books, specialty cupcakes, rice crispy treats and more. Sweetini Sweet’s staff were thoughtful, engaging, and extremely friendly throughout the process of helping to make my sons 21st birthday a special day for him. The details, creativity, and thoughtful planning that went into my son’s birthday was amazing. SSP4

Vanilla cupcake garnished with oreo
Patron Margarita
Patron Margerita infused cake topped with Patron buttercream and lime

I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner of Sweetini Sweet’s LaShana Stareton take a look at what she had to say about why Sweetini Sweet’s is the best gourmet dessert in the Bay Area:
The Culture Keeper: What led you to starting Sweetini’s Sweets?
Sweetini Sweets: I always baked cakes and cupcakes. My family bakes, but what turned it into a business was in 2011 my family had a desert giveaway in Hunter Points located in San Francisco to give back to the community. My cupcakes were a huge hit at this event. This led to people beginning to make request for my cupcakes. It started off with making strictly cupcakes and then it evolved to chocolate boxes, cakes, and edible chocolates.
The Culture Keeper: What are the challenges about owning a business?
Sweetini Sweets: I’m a mother so balancing my family life with my work life is always challenging.
The Culture Keeper: What is your desert specialty?
Sweetini Sweets: My cupcakes are most in demand:  My specialties are white chocolate raspberry, lemon and red velvet cupcakes.
The Culture Keeper: What are 5 key things you need to make a kids party successful?
Sweetini Sweets: Knowing what the child likes, age, venue, unique ideas, and last but not least putting 100 percent into event.
The Culture Keeper: What is unique about Sweetini Sweets?
Sweetini Sweets: My goal is to make the client happy and make great deserts.  It’s important that we are always professional. I continuously have clients keep coming back due to my professionalism.
The Culture Keeper:What advice do you have for people wanting to become business owners?
Sweetini Sweets:Go for it! Follow your passion do not let outsiders stop you. Follow your own passions and dreams.
The Culture Keeper:Where do you see your business five years from now?
Sweetini Sweets: Being on a higher professional level, creating masterpieces, show pieces, and continuing to bring elegance out any event.
The Culture Keeper: Why should people patronize your business?
Sweetini Sweets: First, I provide gourmet goodness, my cakes are complicated cakes to bake, but they are made with love. Second, all my clients have told me that they are sticking with me because they receive excellent customer service. I want my client to feel happy about the final product and that it taste scrumptious.
The Culture Keeper: What are you most proud of?
Sweetini Sweets: My drive and seeing my business began to flourish. The first cake I made for an event fell apart at the party. Despite a setback I kept going. I kept working hard and stayed persistent.
The Culture Keeper: Who inspire you?
Sweetini Sweets: My kids they watch me as a mom and business owner. They see how hard I work. They see my work ethic. The effort I put into baking to make people feel good. This will serve them well during their own path in life.

If you are looking for cakes, cupcakes, caramel apples at your next party you should check out Sweetini Sweets @www.sweetinisweets.com and/or Email:sweetinisweets@gmail.com

Follow on Instagram@sweetini_sweets

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