“Staying Sane in an Insane World”: My Exclusive Interview with author and licensed therapist Kiaundra Jackson, LMFT


Here at “The Culture Keeper.” We believe that emotional well-being is a important part of self preservation. I am passionate about women taking care of and nurturing themselves on a daily basis. I am extremely excited to introduce you to Licensed Therapist Kiaundra Jackson to discuss her new book, “Staying Sane in an Insane World.” Here is a little background information on Ms. Jackson.

Kiaundra Jackson is a licensed marriage family therapist. Kiaundra is the
Visionary of KW Couples Therapy, and the Co-Founder of KW Essential Services and
Black Speakers Rock. She has been featured in the Huffington Post as one of the ‘10 Black
Female Therapists You Should Know.’ She is a trusted Licensed Marriage and Family
Therapist that gets results. As a graduate of Azusa Pacific University, she is currently serving as private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients. Among her areas of expertise are: Premarital and Marital issues, Anger Management, Addiction, Anxiety and Depression, Life Transition, Grief, Loss and Bereavement, and Faith Based Counseling.  Her therapeutic approach is holistic, eclectic, and tailored to my client(s) needs to make sure each person is cared for biologically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Through her early work, she discovered the importance of having healthy relationships. From that point on, she chose to specialize in helping couples strengthen and repair their relationships. She specializes in improving intimacy with couples by increasing effective two_-way communication. She is dedicated to helping couples increase sexual, physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy. Kiaundra is dedicated to working with couples who truly desire to maintain a healthy, long-lasting relationship and uncover their true potential.
Kiaundra’s vision is to help 10,000 couples heal their relationships, prevent divorce, and keep families together. 

Kiaundra Jackson provides support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. She integrates complementary methodologies with compassion and understanding. She works with each individual, couple, or family to help build on their strengths.
Right now there is so much going on in the world; hurricanes, fires, racial strife and
dealing with leaders who seem incompetent and unstable. For  myself, a personal friend
of mine unexpectedly lost her daughter to a car accident. So life for me seems to feel a
little chaotic at the moment.  Kiaundra’s book is right on time. Taking care of your
emotional well-being is key to staying sane in an insane world. I had the pleasure of
interviewing Kiaundra about her latest book, “Staying Sane in an Insane World.” Check
out the interview below:
The Culture Keeper: Tell me about your book?
Kiaundra Jackson: This is my second book. The goal is to help people differentiate between identifying mental health and mental illness. I want people to understand the basics of mental health so that they can reach an optimal state of mental health-that will allow people to become their best possible versions of themselves.
The Culture Keeper: How would you define having the optimal state of mental health and/or emotional well-being?
Kiaundra Jackson: How I view optimal mental well-being is your mind, body, and spirit is in full alignment.
The Culture Keeper: What are some strategies that you use to stay healthy emotionally?
Kiaundra Jackson: I am a therapist who has  a therapist. There are things that I do on a daily basis to stay healthy emotionally. One thing that is important to me is before my day begins. I set aside me time first thing in the morning. This allows me to set my intentions for the day. For someone else that may be prayer, meditation, and journaling.
The Culture Keeper: What led you to become a therapist?
Kiaundra Jackson: My own family drama. I was a product of a single parent home. I had to deal with my own family dynamics. I saw that I could help other people.
The Culture Keeper? What led you to write this book?
Kiaundra Jackson: My own mental health was being tested. Changes in my weight, difficulty sleeping; God needed to show me how to use the tools on myself. I wasn’t practicing them. Once I started to work on myself using these tools. My emotional well-being begin to shift and improve.
The Culture Keeper? What triggered your emotional wellness being tested?
Kiaundra Jackson: There were some things around my career and the next phase of my career I felt strongly about, but fear push me to a place of self-doubt. It soon dawned on me that I was not living in my true potential.
The Culture Keeper: How can more women be tender toward ourselves?
Kiaundra Jackson: Women are often hard on themselves. Learning what true love is. Love is gentleness. It is an action word. Giving yourself the grace. It’s Okay.
My conversation with Kiaundra was filled with so many gems around mental health and
wellness. Giving yourself grace and love. The importance of being in tune with your
needs and self-care. We spoke about other things such as relationships and
communication, but I wanted to focus on why this book is so important. For many
women, in particular women of color, mental health is often taboo in our communities.
Part of what Kiaundra’s work is about is taking away the stigma and taboo of mental
health. Her goal is to shed light on mental health so that you able to be the best possible
version of yourself.  If you are struggling with setbacks, failures, and losses in life, there
is help for you. Because life can be chaotic at times, it is important to pay attention to
your mental health and adopt regular mental health practices that help you stay sane.
This book provides informative tips and knowledge that you can begin implementing
today to achieve optimal mental health.
Excerpt: “Staying Sane in an Insane World:”
“   Mental health is on those concepts that often goes ignored. Because mental health is      intangible, it often placed in a different category than other illnesses. We have to realize that mental health issues should be taken seriously as any physical ailments or difficult circumstance that we deal with in life. Just because you do not see it, does not mean it does not exist.”
   ” We need to pay attention to our mental health just like we do our physical health. Mental illness is just as real as a cyst, mass, or other dysfunctions. Just like you should exercise regularly and make wise food choices to keep your physical body in shape, you should take time and effort to maintain an optimal level of mental health.”
You can purchase, “Staying Sane in a Insane World” via the following outlets:
Barnes & Nobles: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/staying-sane-in-an-insane-world-kiaundra-jackson/1126984222?ean=9780999208137
Ms. Culture Keeper-

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