Fall Fashion Must Have 5 Pieces according to Chief Of Style fashion influencer Amy Stretten


Fall is in the air and I had the pleasure of speaking with  Chief of Style’s Amy Stretten to discuss this season hottest must have plus size women wear.  I became a huge fan of Ms. Stretten work after seeing a post of her in a shirt that read “Thick thighs save lives.” I instantly chuckled after seeing the cute customized tee shirt. I had the chance to chat it up about her personal style aesthetics. Check out what she had to say about her love of for fashion and her 5 Must have picks below.

Here is my interview with Chief of Style’s Amy Stretten:

The Culture Keeper: What inspired you to start a fashion blog?
Amy Stretten: I always loved clothes, however clothing stores did not always love me. I was previously a reporter for Fusion TV. I experienced job loss. People would always compliment me on my fashion sensibilities. I then started selling my clothes after experiencing job loss. Moments in my life led me to starting my fashion blog.

The Culture Keeper: Who was your first style icon?
Amy Stretten: My aunt Dottie. My aunt Dottie would buy me dresses and shoes. She would take me out on outings to music concerts. I would be exposed to Chamber music concerts. I experienced going to classical musical performances and having to dress up.

The Culture Keeper: How would you describe your personal style?
Amy Stretten: Eclectic, Prissy. I love tribal prints, biker chick, queer feme. Fashion allows me to tell a story. Clothes can play with your identity.

The Culture Keeper:What is your favorite scent?
Amy Stretten: Dolce and Gabbana light blue. Any gardenia scent it reminds me of my grandmother.

The Culture Keeper: What is your favorite item of clothing?
Amy Stretten: This white top from Eloquii. It’s very flattering on the figure. I have gotten so many compliments about this top. AS7

The Culture Keeper: Sneaker or Heels?
Amy Stretten: Heels below 4 inches

The Culture Keeper: Dress or jeans
Amy Stretten: Dresses

The Culture Keeper: Most exciting moment since being a fashion influencer?
Amy Stretten: Highlight was being a VIP Guest at the Dapper Q fashion show. I was in the front row. It was a wonderful inclusive show.

Here are the 5 Must Have Fall pieces:

Simple BE Velvet Midi Wiggle Dress
Yumi Floral Embroidery Faux Leather Jacket
(Distressing) Plus Size Sweater Dress
Sadie Floral Print Flats
Eloquii Brocade Two Button Blazer

You can follow Amy Stretten @: http://chiefofstyle.com/

Ms. Culture Keeper:

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