Cardi B on the cover of New York Magazine

For New York Magazine’s November 13–26, 2017, issue cover story, Cut senior writer Allison P. Davis talks to chart-busting phenom Cardi B about her strip-club, reality-television, rap-fame fairy tale, how it all came through, and how she actually feels about it. “You be seeing these artists going through their meltdowns and fucking shit, and you be like, Why you doing all of that? You’re famous, you’re a fucking millionaire, why? Bitch, I’m broke, I want to shave my head,” she tells Davis. “Then when you in those shoes, it’s just like, I see why people go crazy. This shit is not what it fucking seems. But I can’t complain.”

Cardi B continues to dominate 2017. What I like about Cardi B is her story is awe inspiring. Dream big and work hard to make your dreams come to fruition. The true test will be now that she is having success. How does she maintain it. Do she surround herself with smart business people. Cardi B should take a look at Madonna’s career. Madonna is still around going strong making a ton of money touring. I am curious to see how Cardi B navigates her career.I think she has the potential to become a good actress. She has the charisma. Keep Shining Cardi.

Ms. Culture Keeper-


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