Be Kind to Yourself!


As I reflect on 2017 in a lot of ways it was a strange year. Politically for me it was difficult. At times 2017 felt very unpredictable.Yet I remain a optimist. So many wonderful things happened in the world, but also a lot of great things occurred on a personal basis. I made some amazing new connections, brought newsworthy interviews to my blog. My family is thriving. Not much too complain about.

However I always come back to the importance of being kind to yourself. Taking care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually are key to your emotional well-being. Women in particular black women give so much of themselves and often that kindness is not reciprocated. Take a moment today to examine ways that you can be kinder to yourself. For me today my health will be my focus. My plan is to walk for thirty minutes today and come up with some strategies that can help me lead a healthier lifestyle. Being kind to yourself looks different for everyone it could be checking out the latest movie, reconnecting with love ones, reducing debt, taking a bath. Just remember your soul is entitled to a little tenderness. As you move forward in your journey of life always take a moment to be kind to yourself in the new year.

Ms. Culture Keeper-

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