Married to Medicine’s Dr. Simone and Cecil Whitmore are calling it quits after 21 years of marriage

Another marriage bites the dust. If you are a fan of Married to Medicine then it may not come as much a surprise that Dr. Simone and Cecil Whitmore are divorcing. However, I was rooting for the couple to try to work things out, but people grow apart. According to People magazine;

Simone revealed the news to her Married to Medicine costars Thursday in New York while filming the season 5 reunion, which airs on Bravo this March.

Prior to the taping, she told PEOPLE that she had decided to end their relationship, filing for divorce in October 2017. She said she plans to have paperwork finalized when she returns to Atlanta.

Simone reports receiving support from fellow cast-mates Dr. Jackie Walters and Toya Bush-Harris for support.

“We’re in a place where we’re arguing over basic s—,” she said in an episode that aired in December, getting emotional. “He’s just so hostile and angry about every little thing. When somebody is being mean, it’s hard to replace that with something nice or smile. It’s difficult.”

The final straw came about a month after Miles began college. “Cecil and I had a disagreement,” she recalled. “We were trying to talk through it — with sometimes tense, sometimes normal negotiations in process — and he woke up on Saturday morning, we had a blow-up. I knew that day that my marriage was over.”

“My marriage had ended,” she added. “I could no longer deal with the stuff he was dishing.”

Both Cecil and Dr. Whitmore seem like good people and had a ideal marriage, but you never know what is going on in someone’s relationship. I hope they can come out as friends in the end because they do share children together. We wish them well here at “The Culture Keeper.”

Ms. Culture Keeper-

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