Would You Marry You?

I have met so many single women who often say they are ready to get married and start a family. Which is wonderful. If your lucky to find someone you love and want to build a future with gosh by dolly. Cheers to you. However I have spent countless hours on the phone and in person with women trying to make sense of why they have yet to meet the one or Mr. Right or why they continue to meet Mr. Wrong. The question I always ask when discussing this issue is, “Would You Marry You?” For some people if they are honest with themselves the answer may be no. Before you try to begin to build a life with someone else. Ask yourself that question, “Would you consider forming a lifelong commitment with someone like you?” You want to make sure you got your own life in  check. Are you gainfully employed or do you want to get married so someone can take care of you. Are you emotionally well. Have you properly dealt or are dealing with past trauma so that your not bringing a bunch of craziness to your new relationship. We often want the perfect mate or perfection, yet we may be a wreck. For example you may expect your partner to be fit and lean. But you may not be fit and lean. This question of “Would You Marry You?” is so fascinating because it forces you to evaluate and think about yourself in a critical way, which for many people is scary. So for all you single ladies out there comment. I want to know your thoughts on this question.
Ms. Culture Keeper-

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