Shots Fired: Introducing Celebrity Photographer Sham Abdo


Vanessa Simmons for Height Magazine

Celebrity photographer Sham Abdo is taking the entertainment and fashion world by storm. The 26-year-old Oakland, CA.  native decided to pursue his lifelong passion, Photography. I had the chance to speak with Abdo to discuss his love of photography, influences, and what makes a memorable photo.

Sun Kim

I was curious to find out what led Sham to pursue photography. Abdo’s response was that on Black Friday in 2016 he ordered a camera. “It took until December 12, 2016 to get here.” He went on to share that in January 2017 he upgraded to a professional camera. Abdo stated that, he would shoot every day rain or sunshine. Model or no model. “The camera changed my life.” Abdo then decided to take his talents to Los Angeles where doors soon began to open up for him. As I was listening to Abdo share his journey I could could hear his determination through the phone. Abdo had a vision for his life and he made the choice to pursue his dreams.

Check out interview below:

Michael Jai White

TCK: What message do you want your photos to convey?

Sham Abdo: I like my photos to be powerful. Where you are viewing the subjects soul.

TCK: How do you set the tone for a photo shoot?

Sham Abdo: Before any shoot I pray. It sets the tone and energy for the photo-shoot.

TCK: What makes a photo memorable?

Sham Abdo: A great photo will encourage curiosity, excitement, inspiration. It’s something when the inner is revealed. It captures a emotion or expression.

TCK: When is the best time to shoot a photo outside?

Sham Abdo: Lighting can change the mood, atmosphere and depth of any photograph. Cloudy or overcast days can produce beautiful photographs.

TCK: What photographer has been a influence on your work:

Sham Abdo: Shamayin has influenced my work a great deal. Shamayim has shot some of the most beautiful women in the world, such as Winnie Harlow. He has a knack for making both the fashion and model seamlessly one and beautiful.

Tara Reid


Mariama Diallo

If you ask Sham how he feels about where he’s at in his career as a photographer, Sham is very humble and considers himself on the rise: “I’m doing all I can to make a dent in the photography industry, so I work hard and stay focus.”



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