Celebrities rally behind ‘Cosby Show’ alum Geoffrey Owens after being spotted bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s


The former "Cosby Show" star was snapped by a shopper working behind the counter of a Trader Joe's in New Jersey.

Fox news posted a story about former “Cosby Show” alum Geoffrey Owens, who played Elvin Tibideaux, the young doctor who married into the Cosby family on the famous sitcom, was photographed working at a Trader Joe’s in New Jersey.

The actor, who was on the sitcom from 1985 to 1992, was spotted by a local shopper at the Clifton, N.J. store, standing behind one of the checkout counters and wearing a Trader Joe’s staff shirt with a name tag that read, “Geoffrey.”

A woman named Karma Lawrence took the photo of the actor while he was working at a Clifton, New Jersey location of the grocery store, and apparently sold it to news outlets. In the photo, a bearded Owens can be seen bagging groceries.

Let me say this working a honest job is what a normal sane person will do to provide for themselves and their family. Their is no shame in working as a cashier or any  other honest job. Just because you see stuff posted on Instagram does not mean its real. It’s often just a illusion.

Many Celebrities came to the actor’s defense:

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Ms. Culture Keeper-

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