25 Days 25 Songs Challenge: Day 8- A Song that Reminds You of Your “First Love”

Image result for chuckii booker

A song that remind me of my first love is a song by one of my favorite 90’s artist Chuckii Booker. Mr. Booker is a talented songwriter, singer, musician, and former musical director for Janet Jackson. Chuckii had a song called “Turned Away.” I loved that song so much. The guy I was crazy over was two years older than me, but I remember that feeling of intense puppy love and heartbreak with him. I often wonder how my first love is doing. The funny part is he doesn’t know he was my first love. We were both young kids. Take a listen to the song below. What song  remind you of your first love.  Enjoy the 90’s fashion.

Ms. Culture Keeper-

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