10 Things To Talk About During Date Night

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Recently my husband and I went out on a date to see jazz legend, Arturo Sandoval. It was an amazing night of listening to great jazz music, however before the concert started I observed many couples on their cell phones while on dates. Have we forgotten how to engage in conversation with each other.

Date nights are good opportunities to connect with your partner. It is a time to engage and share with each other minus the phone. If you are guilty of this raise your hand.

If you forgotten how to engage with your love one no need to fret, here are some conversation topics that will keep you engaged with each other. I have only two rules: first, do not bring up the children if you are parents and second, keep the conversation fun. Here are ten conversation starters.

1. What is your current favorite song on the radio?

2. Detail your favorite moment for the week.

3. Make a list of the top five places you would like to travel together.

4. What is something you would like to work on as a family.

5. Which celebrity annoys you?

6. How would you spend 10,000,000 dollars?

7.  If you can try a occupation for year, what would it would be?

8. Hollywood called, and they want to make a movie about your life who would you want to play you?

9.   What’s something positive about me that you don’t say enough? ( Then put more effort to saying it more).

10. What do you consider your greatest attributes?

Remember date nights are about staying connected with each other. Engaging in meaningful conversation with your love one will keep your romance alive and burning.

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  1. Geraline Batarra says:

    Oh nice tips..! Not only for married couples but also to every dating couple too. Great conversations can sometimes rekindle the flame.


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