Is Matt Barnes being denied visitation with his one year old son

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Matt Barnes recently posted that he is being denied visitation with his son Ashton with former model girlfriend Anansa Sims in a lengthy Instagram post.


People are noticing that there are similarities between Matt and Anansa that looks very similar to what happened between him and Gloria. After his post, Anansa responded.  “My kids see their father. I’m praying the restraining order protects me and keeps me safe.” It makes people wonder if he is the problem because this is the second time that a situation like this has happened to him. Anansa goes even further by accusing him of stalking. She claims that she had to put out a restraining order against him.

The source also revealed that despite the restraining order against Barnes, Sims still opted to share custody of their son with him. Another gossip site shared court documents that prove Sims’s claims Barnes has visitation with his son. According to the paperwork, Barnes and Sims share joint custody of Ashton.

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