LHHATL stars Kirk and Rasheeda Frost allege twisted history

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost recently celebrated twenty years of marriage, but the event has left many people wondering exactly how young Rasheeda was when she tied the knot with her husband, Kirk.

According to IMDB, Rasheeda is 37 years old, Kirk is 51. The math reflects that Rasheeda was 17 and Kirk was 31 years old when they got married.

According to vlogger Tasha K. Frost was Rasheeda’s alleged Guardian, which is a total shock to me. Apparently, Kirk was already in a relationship when Rasheeda came to live with him. This is a mess. So many questions. Why would Rasheeda’s mother allow Kirk to become her guardian. How does Ms. Shirleen (Rasheeda’s mom) even know Kirk? Tasha K has answers to some of these questions and more.

Check out the video below.


Ms. Culture Keeper-

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