Treasure full of Gemz: My Exclusive Interview with Treasure Thompson

If you don’t follow reality television you may not be familiar with, Treasure Thompson. Well let me introduce you to Ms. Thompson.

Thompson is the mother of three and her mission is to educate women on the healing benefits of practicing, Yoni Yoga.

I first became familiar with Treasure on the reality show “Rob & Chyna.” Treasure was introduced to the world as the best friend of Blac Chyna.

Thompson modeling career started professionally in 2011 with her first publication in 2012 & her last printed publication in September 2015. Thompson has been cast as an extra on TV shows such as, “The Game” filmed in Atlanta GA, & starred in the local web series “Corrupt” filmed in Fayetteville North Carolina. She has also made guest appearances on her former best friend TV show on “E” “ Rob & Chyna” as well as their “Baby Special” in 2016.

Thompson who was searching for a deeper connection with herself, first became interested in holistic health and spirituality in early 2015 & began educating herself on the origin of the stones and its history.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Thompson to learn more about her journey to health and wellness. 

Check Out the Interview Below:

TCK: How were you introduced to yoni yoga?

TT: I begin to practice Yoni Yoga after I gave birth and my husband stated that my vagina was loose (laughs).

TCK: What are the benefits of Yoni Yoga?

TT: Yoni yoga helps to rejuvenate your vagina. It’s a form of a healing exercise that focuses on strengthening your mind, core & pelvic floor muscles.

TCK: What are Yoni Eggs?

TT: Yoni eggs are vaginal weights used during Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Yoni eggs are made of natural healing crystals and stone material shaped and polished into the shape of an egg which mimics our natural womb design.

TCK: Can you have sex with Yoni eggs?

TT: Absolutely! You can safely have an enhanced orgasm during intimacy by removing your wax string from your yoni egg and inserting it into your vagina during foreplay and intercourse.

In my conversation with Treasure, I was impressed by her passion in wanting to educate women on how to heal their wombs through Yoni Yoga. Treasure stated that a woman’s womb is her center which is where she harbors pains, traumas and past life bad decisions.

This interview was conducted before the COVID-19 outbreak, when Treasure started to host self-care healing Sundays once a month, where women would gather together for yoni yoga and intimate conversations around healing.

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