Is Michael B Jordan and Lori Harvey in a Hollywoodship or Real Relationship

michael b jordan's girlfriend

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey has been posting photos of themselves together on their social media accounts. Jordan and Harvey made their relationship Instagram official just last week.

However, they first sparked dating rumors in November when they were spotted together in Atlanta ahead of Thanksgiving, according to photos published by TMZ.

I am skeptical of this “hollywoodship.” Normally in hollywood most A-listers try to keep their relationship as private as possible and as long as possible. They just started dating and there are pictures everywhere of them. Do I think Jordan may be trying to clean up his image, yes.  I smell a publicity stunt. A few years ago Jordan made a comment about dating and black women. This may be what he is trying to repair.

Harvey who is a pretty girl  understands that dating Jordan will definitely raise her profile by being in this allege “relationship.” Harvey does not have much else going for herself so this is gold for her. If I were Jordan’s publicist I would  encourage him to put a kabosh on this relationship if it is not genuine. Being authentic and making good movies will give him the longevity that I suspect he wants in hollywood. I give this “hollywoodship” until Mother’s Day 2021. What do you think am I right on the money or do you think it is sincere. Comment below.

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  1. butterfly1014 says:

    I think they both like each other. Why do they have to fake it?


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