Messy Messy Petty Petty Alert: Sonya and Dell Curry Accuse Each Other of Infidelity In Divorce Documents

                            Steph Curry's mom Sonya was once falsely rumored to be cheating on husband Dell Curry

Things are starting to get messy between Dell and Sonya Curry. Now according to a report from TMZ, the reasons behind the two wanting to split after 33 years of marriage are far messier than we could have imagined. Well I could imagine infidelity playing a role this is the only thing that make sense to me.

Sonya Curry alleges her estranged husband cheated on her with different women when the two were married, leading to her filing for divorce. Dell, however, alleges Sonya cheated during their relationship and is now living with another man.

The two separated in March 2020 according to docs filed in North Carolina. Sonya cited Dell’s “marital misconduct” as the reason behind her filing while Dell accused Sonya of “acts of illicit sexual misconduct” prior to the March 2020 separation.

Although the two are separated, Sonya has already moved on and is in a new relationship, one she says didn’t start until months after she and Dell split up. She’s moved out of the family home and she’s not living with her boyfriend and is living alone. In her words, Dell’s infidelity was known to close family and friends and she didn’t reveal any of the sordid details “trying to protect Dell and family” from public exposure and scrutiny. The pair wed in 1988 and have three adult children, boys Steph and Seth who are in the NBA and daughter Sydel.

This is messy. We hope they are able to move on without too much tea being spilled about their private lives.

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