And Just Like That…..Missing the fun, sexiness, fashion, and Samantha Jones on Reboot

Sex and the City was one of my favorite television shows during its run. Every Sunday evening I faithfully tuned into HBO to see what my favorite girlfriends were up to every week. Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York, and Miranda Hobbes were it for me.

I always had a infinity for the character, Samantha Jones. Samantha was smart, funny, well dressed, and loved sex. The women had great chemistry. The series did have its short comings such as lack of diversity which was a shame since they were New Yorker’s. When I heard they were doing a reboot, but Kim Catrell declined to reprise her role as Samantha Jones. I did have some reservations about whether a reboot would work without Samantha. Lets be honest Sex and the City 2 was a disaster. I had a chance to watch the reboot and in general the reboot is okay but it is missing these three things, sex, laughter, and Samantha Jones.

And Just Like That season 5 episode “Tragically Hip” pertain to Carrie Bradshaw Preston having hip surgery and Carrie urinating on her self twice. I came away feeling extremely annoyed with the show and especially with Carrie after this episode. First Carrie needed hip replacement surgery because she has been experiencing back pain. I would also like to point out that Carrie still wears 5 inch heals despite experiencing back pain. Carrie is 55 and looks much older, but I digress. Even the fashion is boring on the reboot.


My first issue with the show is it feels like a dramedy now where Sex and the City was a comedy. It was sexy, witty, and funny. The fashion also made the show fun. Where is the humor on the reboot. During this episode the best line came from the character who is no longer on the show, Samantha.

Second Carrie is sorta a shitty friend. Charlotte previously came to Carrie expressing concern over Miranda’s drinking. Did Carrie ever think to say let me check in on my friend to see how she is doing emotionally. It took for Carrie to urinate on herself while Miranda was caring for her and go off on Miranda. When Miranda finally cracks and reveals how unhappy she is, the floodgates have opened, and it’s clear that she won’t be able to go back to the person she was before. 

Which leads me to my next frustration about the reboot. What is going on with Miranda and Steve. Why are they not having sex. They are both still a young attractive middle age couple. What happened to their marriage. Has Steve noticed that Miranda is drinking more. Why does Miranda and Steve allow Brady and his girlfriend to have sex in their home. Let’s explore that some more.

Some other questions I have is Carrie still a writer. Her being on a podcast about sex when she doesn’t enjoy talking about sex. Carrie always wrote about relationships. Charlotte being a full time mom when her two kids are both teenagers. She seems even more prudish than before. Could she not work at a gallery part time. I don’t see someone with Charlotte’s work history being a full time PTA mom come on with her children that age.

My last gripe with the show is what happened to the sexiness of the show. Last time I heard women in their 50’s still have sex and are sexy.

What are your thoughts on the reboot. Should there be a season 2. My thinking is it’s time for everyone to move on the show has ran it course.

The Culture Keeper-

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