Legendary Fashion Consigliere Andre’ Leon Talley Has Died

Andre Leon Talley, the legendary fashion icon, has reportedly died at age 73.

Talley was a gentle giant know for wearing caftans and guiding the fashion sense at Conde Nast Publications for more than 30 years. Talley was known as a singular figure for years, working as a Black editor in high-fashion. He developed close relationships with designers like Karl Lagerfeld as well as editor in chief Anna Wintour among others. When he was summarily dumped by Anna Wintour, he sought his revenge by writing a witty erudite book about life at Vogue, among other things. He rose above his abrupt dismissal and became even more famous.

TMZ is reporting that Andre died at White Plains Hospital. There’s no cause of death but I see that ALT hasn’t been on social media for a year.

This story is developing………

The Culture Keeper-

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