EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Author Trinese Robinson

I had the pleasure of interviewing Trinese Robinson on her new book, “A Piece of Nese.” Trinese and myself went to junior high school together at Bret Harte in Oakland, CA. I remember her as the cute light skinned girl. My recollection of her was that she was friendly. We did not hang out or anything. She was a grade higher than me. I do vividly remember the love affair between her and her husband. They were voted most popular couple aka “Mr and Mrs. Bobcat.”  They both were attractive people and made an attractive couple. I was intrigued when I saw that my sister shared that she wrote her memoir on Facebook. I instantly wanted to read her book and support my sister. I knew she had lost her husband to violence, but did not know the depth of their love story. In addition through Facebook I also knew she had battled cancer. I read “ A piece of Nese.” Let me tell you this sister has a testimony. This is the only way I could describe the book. It’s difficult to read and know how much trauma Trinese has experienced in her life. I had a chance to connect with her and discuss the book and get her thoughts.

Here is the interview below:
Ms. Culture Keeper: What do you miss most about your husband Monie?

Trinese Robinson: I miss him being there for the kids and the little things he was a comedian. He made us laugh all the time. You always think that person will be around forever and it was a life changer. I miss being able to talk to him and I know some problems he could help fix

Ms. Culture Keeper: What lessons do you want people to take from your book?

Trinese Robinson: To never quit, never. Life will beat you up and life can constantly beat you up, keep pushing thru the madness and pain. Don’t take life for granted and also always appreciate your loved ones. You never know what can happen In addition with cancer and gun violence we need to spread love as well as support one another.

Ms. Culture Keeper: How did being sexually assaulted impact your intimate relationship(s)?

Trinese Robinson: I have a hard time trusting people and I’m working on that. I don’t really trust A lot of people and it’s a very small chosen few.

Ms. Culture Keeper: Are you afraid of dying?

Trinese Robinson: Sorta…After having cancer 4 times, I would say the first and 4th time I was scared to death. Now I’m able to cope with everything because it’s been so long dealing with cancer

Ms. Culture Keeper:Are you at Peace?

Trinese Robinson: I’m finally at peace…finally it took me a very long time..
I’m very happy that I found peace.

Ms. Culture Keeper: Do you belong to a church?

Trinese Robinson: I don’t belong to a church, but I study the Bible and I have bible studies.

Exclusive Excerpt from “A Piece of Nese.”
As I was driving to the hotel, I was looking back at my babies in the rearview mirror. Two kids had their head down. My heart broke, but I still didn’t show them emotion. I wanted to scream, yell, punch someone, and cry my heart out. I was so sad, scared, and tired. So many mixed emotions.
My boyfriend from the eighth grade, whom I married and had four kids with, whom I had known since I was twelve, was gone, and I watched as he was dying and couldn’t do anything. He was gone!

A Piece of Nese can be purchased on Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/piece-Nese-Made-Oakland-ebook/dp/B0725B4MQT#reader_B0725B4MQT

Lets support our sister! Please keep her health and family in our prayers.

Editor’s Note: Trinese lost her battle against cancer on September 11, 2019. Our prayers are with her children and loved ones.

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