It Girl on the Rise: My Exclusive Interview with Neyah Necole


Who is Neyah Necole? Well let me tell you she is a 22 year old Oakland Native who is a DJ, Model, and now you can officially add the title actress to her repertoire. Neyah just secured her first acting role on the popular Netflix show “13 Reasons Why” for the upcoming second season. I had the chance to speak with Neyah via video conference and she is this sweet, cute, and an really bright young lady. She is ambitious and thoughtful. My instant impression of her is she is much wiser than the 22 years she has been on this earth. Neyah has a clear sense of who she is and where she wants to go. Her ultimate career goal is to become a TV personality.

Check out my exclusive interview with Neyah Necole:


The Culture Keeper: What advice have you gotten regarding being in the entertainment industry?

Neyah Necole: The best advice I received was from Adrienne Bailon from, “The Real” talk show. She told me not to lose myself in this journey.

The Culture Keeper: What talk show personality inspires you the most?

Neyah Necole: Tyra Banks and Bay Area’s own Miss Kimmie. Tyra is hardworking and professional.  I was a huge fan of “The Tyra Banks” show.

The Culture Keeper: Do you think you need to be in Los Angeles or New York to take you career to the next level?

Neyah Necole: I don’t think you need to be in L.A or New York. I have lived in L.A.  I believe being in Oakland where I have love and support of my family and friends is the best decision for me at this time. I can always travel to acting, modeling, and hosting gigs.

The Culture Keeper: Who are your celebrity style inspirations?

Neyah Necole: My style inspirations are Draya Michelle and Rasheeda Frost from Love and Hip Hop. Rasheeda is my favorite because she has a good sense of fashion and always makes good fashion choices.

The Culture Keeper: You are a young woman with curves and in the entertainment business usually curvier body types are frowned upon. Has this issue ever come up for you?

Neyah Necole: You know my career has not been impacted in a negative way due to my curves. Now you see people try to get butt enhancements to give their body frame a more curvier look.

The Culture Keeper: Who’s career serve as a inspiration to you?

Neyah Necole: Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah, and also Beyonce. Missy Elliot is so talented and was ahead of the curve.

As I reflected back on my conversation with Neyah Necole. I felt a sense of pride. I am also an Oakland Native. It‘s awe inspiring to see a young woman going after her dreams. Neyah Necole star shines bright. Catch her on the upcoming season of “13 reasons Why.”

You can keep up with Neyah Necole on instagram: Neyah

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