EXCLUSIVE Interview: My intimate conversation with Ta’kari Lee Christie on her relationship with her mother Jackie Christie, her siblings, and her new book, “Lights to her Shadow.”

The Culture Keeper had the pleasure of personally speaking with Ta’kari Lee Christie to discuss the release of her upcoming book, “Lights to her Shadow.” My immediate impression of Ta’kari was that she was engaging, warm, and funny. We have been hearing the various rumors about her strained relationship with her mother. Ta’kari sat down with The Culture Keeper for a candid conversation about her book.

Last year the 28-year-old mother of three was thrown into the spotlight after it was reported that her youngest son Jaxson (1) sustained burn injuries at his daycare. A GoFundMe account was created. The media got wind of it and the question became why her mother isn’t helping to assist with her grandchild. Then the story became bigger once people got wind of her mother’s Basketball Wives co-star Evelyn Lozado helping to contribute to the GoFundMe account and it became a major storyline on this seasons Basketball Wives.

Here is my emotional conversation with Ta’kari Lee Christie:

The Culture Keeper: Tell me about your book.
Ta’kari Lee Christie: My book is my testimony from my childhood up until 2014. The book discusses my childhood and how I got through and overcame insecurity, low self-esteem, and doubt to now acceptance of myself.
The Culture Keeper: What do you want people to take away from your book?
Ta’Kari Lee Christie: I want people to know that they have a voice. I hope my story will motivate someone to speak up about their truth. I want to see people use their voice.
The Culture Keeper: When was the first time you felt that you were being treated differently by your mother?
Ta’kari Lee Christie: I always felt as if I was a burden to my mother. My grandmother raised me from day one. I was my maternal grandmother’s child. I always felt like I messed up my mother’s perfect picture. We never developed a mother-daughter bond.
The Culture Keeper: How did your relationship with your mother impact your self-esteem?
Ta’kari Christie Lee: Growing up I never felt memorable. As a child I experienced hearing loss and had a speech impediment. I struggled for a long time up until around the age 23 or 24. I always felt like her shadow.
The Culture Keeper: Have your mother ever met your children in person?
Ta’Kari Lee Christie: Yes she met my oldest two sons Javony (8) and Jariah (6) in 2012 when they were babies. She has never met my youngest son Jaxson (1) in person.
The Culture Keeper: Has your stepfather Doug Christie ever tried to intervene or mediate the situation between your mother and you?
Ta’Kari Lee Christie: Doug is a non-confrontational person. He is a family man. Doug is like a trophy on the shelf where you can’t touch it.
The Culture Keeper: How is your son Jaxson healing from his injuries?
Ta’kari Lee Christie: He is doing well. He is strong. My children are my world.
The Culture Keeper: Your son was injured in September 2016. Is it true your mother did not reach out to you until December 2016?
Ta’Kari Lee Christie: Yes that is true. She reached out after the media got wind of the incident. She ask me to give her a Christmas wish list for the kids. She has never ask about the incident regarding my son.

Ta’Kari and her three sons Javony, Jariah, and Jaxson

The Culture Keeper: What have you learned from your mother?
Ta’Kari Lee Christie: I am my mother. My mother is fearless. She is a phenomenal woman. She is the type of woman who can go to a crowded DMV walk right up to the top of the line and come out in five minutes. She is the ultimate alpha female.
The Culture Keeper: What is the relationship status between you and your siblings?
Ta’Kari Lee Christie: My sister Chantel and I have a good relationship. Chantel, my grandma, and I were the three musketeers growing up. Growing up my little brother was the bright spot in my life.
The Culture Keeper: Does your mother support you financially?
Ta’Kari Lee Christie: No she does not pay my bills. She did purchase Christmas gifts for the children this past Christmas.
The Culture Keeper: Do you think your relationship will heal with your mother?
Ta’Kari Lee Christie: Not a matter of the relationship healing. The relationship needs to be genuine and authentic.
The Culture Keeper: In previous interviews your mother has alleged that you are bipolar. Is that true?
Ta’Kari Lee Christie: No that is not true. I have never been diagnosed with a mental illness.
The Culture Keeper: Are you happy?
Ta’Kari Lee Christie: I had an epiphany. I am happy because I have acceptance. Acceptance of who I am.

As I reflected on my intimate conversation at the core of what I heard her saying is that she never developed a mother-daughter bond with her mother. I also got the sense she is still open and optimistic and that her relationship with her mother could change if they could move forward in a truthful and genuine way. Ta’kari is currently expecting her fourth child with her life partner. I can exclusively report she is expecting a little girl in November 2017.

Here is an excerpt from Ta’Kari book “Lights to her Shadow.”


Another excerpt from Ta’Kari’s book “Lights to her Shadow.”

Ta’kari’s book will be released on August 31, 2017. You can pre order the book on the link below @

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  1. JB says:

    Great interview!


    1. Thank You and please follow.


  2. Alicia Murphy says:

    Wow! Very enlightening interview! Thank you for sharing. I met her mother last month and it just hurts my heart that relationship is so strained. Praying for God to heal the family!


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