How you get them is how you lose them…………….

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Tristan Thompson, 26 allegedly cheated on girlfriend Khloe Kardashian, 33 while pregnant. Anyone who knows how they met should not be surprised that he cheated on her. Khloe and Tristan started dating when his ex-girlfriend Jordyn Craig was 5 months pregnant with his first child. Here is my thinking on this topic when I heard Khloe was dating this guy while his ex girlfriend was pregnant with his first child. I knew he was trouble. From my perspective pregnancy is a special time. Clearly there was love between Tristan and his ex girlfriend Jordyn. They had been together for awhile. I thought it was extremely insensitive on Tristan and Khloe’s part to flaunt their relationship so publicly while his ex girlfriend was preparing for the birth of their first child. Despite being broken up Tristan could have and should have been more considerate of his ex feelings and how that may impact the well-being of his unborn child. I am not clear if Tristan cheated on his ex with Khloe, but what I am clear is even if Tristan was single when he met Khloe. He should not have started a relationship up with anyone. His priorities should have been focusing on his unborn child and his career. Dating is great, but timing is also important. The timing was wrong. I strongly recommend people wait to date if a unborn child is involved. Most women who are pregnant want to be in a relationship for whom they choose to start a family with. Even if Jordyn chose to end the relationship with Tristan. It still must have been hurtful to see them flaunting their relationship on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Tristan starting a relationship with Khloe showed his character. That character showed his selfishness and Khloe’s selfishness as well. In the words of Wendy Williams, “Khloe walked into a mess.” Tristan’s focus shouldn’t have been trying to start a new relationship while his ex- girlfriend was pregnant. His focus should have been making sure that the mother of his child was healthy and happy. And being considerate of her feelings. Now back to present well it’s been reported that he’s cheating on Khloe and I don’t wish any woman the pain that Khloe must be feeling, but he has a pattern and a type of woman that he lust after. I hope Khloé take this as a lesson that it doesn’t feel good seeing a man you love and who’s child your carrying kissing another woman. I hope women learn from this because often how you get them is how you lose them.
Ms Culture Keeper-

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