What Awes You?


arrangement, bloom, blossom

The last two months of my life has been a chaotic whirlwind. I was in a car accident where thank God no one was harmed, but my car was totaled. I left my job after close to eleven years and started a new job. In addition to my new job, I will start teaching at the college level, which is a dream come true. The blessing is both my new job and me teaching is something I always envisioned for myself. Although all these wonderful things are happening in my life it’s important for me to stay mindful about the things that bring balance to my life. For me balance looks like, rest, managing my health, and family life. A few weeks ago I joined weight watchers and those meetings have been vital to my well being. Starting a new job has been wonderful, but stressful as well. Unfortunately, I have gained some weight due to not taking care of my health and wellness like I should. Last week, when I was at my weight watchers meeting the facilitator instructed us to do something. She asked us to do something that brings awe into our life during the week. Women Wearing White Dress on the Sea during Daytime

It’s Sunday evening, I have slept all day my body needed the rest. Today I spent the day contemplating what I wanted to do this week to bring awe into my space. My intention for this week is to exercise 4 times for a minimum of 30 minutes during the week. That will address my physical wellness, but what I will do to bring awe into my life this week is purchase and create a flower arrangement. It’s something about fresh flowers that bring me immense joy and pleasure. The scents and beauty of flowers is something to behold. When I am creating arrangements it brings joy and fills my spirit. What will you do this week to bring some awe into your life?

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