Warriors bring Petty to a new level with the #fergiemixchallenge


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The reigning NBA Champs bring petty to a whole new level and for the record we are here for it.

Let me fil you in on what led to the trolling of Fergie. If you recall, Fergie delivered a of hot a mess and that is stating it nicely, rendition of National Anthem at the 2018 NBA All-Star Game, which elicited a chuckle from Warriors forward Draymond Green. Fast forward to Friday when Fergie’s ex-husband, actor Josh Duhamel, was asked about the incident during an appearance on FS1’s Fair Game. Duhamel responded by calling Green a “prick.” Which singling out Green was odd because the whole world was laughing at her performance.

Well let’s just say the Warriors hit back following their game against the New York Knicks on Friday night. In celebrating their victory, the team danced along to a remix of Fergie’s National Anthem. Warriors guard Steph Curry captioned the video, writing, “Let’s play some basketball!!! #dubnation #fergieremixchallenge.”

Duhamel responded with taking the L in stride on Twitter, writing, “Note to self: Think twice before you call out the champs. Well played @warriors #NBATwitterisnojoke #sorryferg.” Green replied by saying the team meant no “disrespect” to Fergie, but he’s still calling on others to take part in the #fergieremixchallenge.

Always remember never come for the Dubs on you will be trolled.

Ms. Culture Keeper-




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