25 Songs, 25 Days Challenge

Old vinyl record on wooden background. royalty-free stock photo

Happy Sunday Culture Keepers. Today I am starting the 25 Songs, 25 Days Challenge. Where everyday for the next 25 days, I will choose one song per day along with a explanation of why I chose the song.

What I want every ‘Culture Keeper’ to do is join in on the challenge and explain in the comments section why you chose the song. At the end of the challenge I will compile a Spotify list of some of the songs in the comments section. Here’s to Day 1 song selection.

DAY 1- Choose a song from your childhood

The song I chose from my childhood is George Benson’s, “Give Me the Night.” My mother would play this song when I was little and til this day this is one of my favorite songs it’s such a classic.  This song came out in 1980. I was five-years-old.  What is your favorite song from your childhood. Comment below.

Take a listen below.

Ms. Culture Keeper-

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