25 Days, 25 Songs Challenge- DAY 3: A Song that reminds you of one/both of your Parents

Today is Day 3 of the 25 Days, 25 Songs challenge. The question of the day is select a song that reminds you of one or both of your parents.

My mom loved Teena Marie. I remember my mom would play several of her songs, “Portuguese Love” and “Fire and Desire.” The song I chose that reminds me of my mom is “I need your lovin” it’s a great song and one of my favorite songs til this day. I remember my mom playing her music around the house. Teena Marie was a amazing artist, but underrated. She wrote her own music and played several instruments, bass, guitar, and piano. Teena was extremely talented. The other thing was Teena was Caucasian, but no one knew. Everyone in the black community thought Teena was Black. Her audience was predominantly a black audience. When her first album came out Motown records did not put her on the cover of her album. If you are not familiar with her work please go check her out. She is a amazing artist. Share your song selection below in the comments.

Ms. Culture Keeper-


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