Jordyn Woods breaks silence to Jada Pinkett Smith


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Jordyn Woods broke her silence on, Red Table Talk and shared that nothing inappropriate happened between she and Tristan Thompson.

First off, Jordyn said she did not give Tristan a lap dance and that she just put her legs on top of his, and he kissed her before she left the party. The kiss didn’t have any passion, though! She also said she definitely shouldn’t have been at his house in the first place, she was not blackout drunk, and everyone has totally blown everything out of proportion. In her own words, Jordyn said, “I’m no home-wrecker,” and she’s not the reason Tristan and Khloé Kardashian aren’t together anymore.

Obviously, this is INSANE and a major update in this scandal.

Khloe responded and posted this message on Twitter.

Let me say this I am so happy Jada gave Jordyn the platform to tell her truth. For the record I believe Tristan and Khloe have been broken up for months. Tristan wanted to just have a good time with Khloe, he was not trying to settle down and play family.  Two Khloe had no business messing with Tristan he had a pregnant girlfriend when they first started dated. Third I do not condone breaking girl code. However, Jordyn is a 21-year-old child, Khloe is knocking on forty. Grow up and be the best parents that you both can be to your beautiful daughter.

Check Out the full Red Table Interview:

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