Who is Sydney Nycole?

SydneyNycole is a Bay Area native. Once a top athlete in high school, that was on her way to secure a softball scholarship. Well, until she asked her father to sponsor a few music studio sessions for her Sweet 16 birthday. The music session flipped the script for Sydney Reeves, to go from star athlete too hip-hop-soul-Pop R&B songwriter/singer. Sydney immediately, took her three songs to Jamie Foxx’s Publishing company, through her father producer Gary Reeves relationship,  and landed herself a music publishing deal.
Shortly following, her stage name SydneyNycole blossomed. SydneyNycole’s wit, charm, grace and beauty has catapulted her talents into the national spotlight. After spending years polishing her skills writing, singing and selecting an electrifying band, she started charting her path for success. SydneyNycole’s visual appeal was confirmed 4 years ago, when a digital media company launched a photo site with just her images that attracted 150,000 followers in 4 months, before her father had requested to have it pulled down because of questionable male followers harassing Sydney. Alicia Keyes called her “just beautiful” as the two of them shared the red carpet during Oscar Week a few years ago and Nia Long said, ” stunning”as she entered a restaurant in Los Angeles. Plus, an International  digital magazine wanted to name her Top 500 most beautiful women in the world, but out of fear of digital jealousy or backlash before her record comes out, they decided to wait to receive that accolade. So, the visual appeal is apparent, but as Sydney says gracefully,” it’s flattering, but I’m about the music”.
Check out my Exclusive Interview with Sydney Nycole:
TCK: Tell me about the first song you ever sung?
SN: The first song I remember singing was from the “Born to Sing” album by En Vogue. I was maybe five-years-old.
TCK: Who are your musical inspirations?
SN: Beyonce, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Rihanna, John Mayer, Ariane Grande, and Sade. I love Ariane’s voice.
TCK: Is there one place that you would love to perform?
SN: I would love to perform at the Australia Opera House.
TCK: What artist would you like to open for in concert?
SN: John Legend, Miguel, or Beyonce.
TCK: What instruments do you play?
SN: I play piano, harmonica, and taught myself how to play saxophone.
TCK: What is challenging about the music industry?
SN: Sticking up for yourself and staying true to yourself as an artist.
TCK: If you were not an artist what would you be doing?
SN: I would be a kindergartner teacher
TCK: What is missing in today’s music.
SN: Authenticity
SydneyNycole, is definitely on the move. She has penned over 100 songs, appeared in 3 national TV commercials, 1 print  spokeswoman campaign for EO products to support healthy personal care choices for young girls in  foster care and urban youth. Sold out the legendary supper club Yoshis in Oakland ,Ca.  In addition, SydneyNycole teamed up 4 years ago with Bright Future International and Unite4Good to launch a food for the homeless program, Acts of Kindness initiative in schools encouraging pro behavior activities for students,  and supporting youth that have an interest in artistic expression. Her partnership with Unite4Good has impacted over 4,000 youth across the country,  and for her service she was awarded the 2017 Unite4Humanity ICON award for social service through the arts. In the San Francisco Bay Area SydneyNycole is active in her hometown with Stop The Violence
Campaigns and other programs that support education. SydneyNycole’s live performances often support local dancers and music acts, by having them perform with her. SydneyNycole recently performed with the Berkeley Symphony and had a band assembled with students from her former high school. SydneyNycole’s live shows has won praises from some of the music industries top artist, Robin Thicke, Faith Evans, EnVogue, FullForce, Rodney Jerkins, Jammie Foxx, Sidney Poiter, Blair Underwood and many others. The NBA World Champion Golden State Warriors featured SydneyNycole and her music during a player profile segment on NBC last year.
Today, SydneyNycole is preparing for her first official music release. She is in the studio crafting the first music composition that will be released as a game in partnership with Glitter magazine digital. The game will have a social impact theme to support education and the lifestyle needs of single family households.
You can check out SydneyNycole music on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sydneynycole


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