Breaking…………….. Britney Spears Conservatorship Terminated After 13 Years.

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Free at last.

Britney Spears has been freed from her longstanding conservatorship, as an L.A. judge on Friday granted a petition to terminate the 13-year arrangement during a hearing that lasted less than 30 minutes.

Despite the rise of the #FreeBritney movement, and years of speculation from fans that the singer was unhappy in the conservatorship, nothing changed until this summer — when everything did. Spears on June 23 gave emotional testimony via live video and publicly said for the first time that she felt the conservatorship was abusive and it’s “my wish and my dream for this to end.”

Barely two weeks later, L.A. County Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny allowed Spears to hire for the first time the attorney of her choosing, prosecutor-turned-litigator Mathew Rosengart. While an outsider to the probate law realm, the attorney — dubbed “RosenGod” by fans — quickly went on the offensive, succeeding in having Jamie Spears suspended as conservator of Britney Spears’ estate and launching a full-scale investigation into the alleged conservatorship abuse.

Attorneys for Britney Spears say that her father used his position to rake in millions for himself and people who managed her career. Jamie Spears and the singer’s mother, Lynn Spears, are still demanding that the court require their daughter to cover their enormous legal bills.

Britney Spears has begun to talk more about her life and her fractured relationship with her family since speaking her mind this summer.

She revealed in mid-September that she was engaged to Sam Asghari, the boyfriend of four years she met while he was a backup dancer for a music video she was filming. Spears had alleged in June that she wished to marry Asghari and have more children but that her conservators opposed the union and refused to take her to see a doctor to remove her birth control implant.

“Lord have mercy on my family’s souls if I ever do an interview!!!” Spears wrote on Instagram last month. She has periodically posted, and then sometimes deleted, criticisms of the conservatorship and her family members on the platform, where she counts some 36 million followers.

Congratulations Britney!


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