Three’s A Crowd

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A few weeks ago I happen to catch a interview of Teyana Taylor Shumpert interview  with Angie Martinez where she shared that she have threesomes with her husband Iman Shumpert. This topic has always intrigued me. I believe in keeping things sexy in your marriage with your husband. However, I think you are inviting trouble into your marriage by involving another person. Normally when threesomes are had it is to benefit the pleasure of the man. I can understand someone wanting to add spice to their marriage, especially if its been a long term relationship, but here are some things you should think through.

First is this something you really want to do. Or are you doing it to save your relationship or because you are feeling pressured to do it. Next, what if the third party is another woman. Could I bear to watch my husband rub, kiss, or engaged in sex with another woman in my presence. What if he was more attracted to her than me. What if he thought she was more sexually satisfying. My mind would go into overdrive analyzing the situation. Would jealously kick in on my behalf. You betcha.

What if the third party was another man. I would imagine my husband would feel some type of way as well. How would he feel seeing another man bring me pleasure. In addition I would probable question my husbands love for me. How could he so easily be okay with seeing another man have sex with his wife. Could this soon lead to the idea that it would be okay to have sex outside of the marriage without each other.

Some people may feel like I am overreacting or overthinking the situation. Maybe your right. However, I do believe when you take vowels to be faithful and commit to someone then that is what you should do. I think you are traveling down a slippery slope bringing another person into your marital bed or long term relationship. If your marriage is shaky and you think having a threesome can save it think again.

If you are still thinking about having a threesome make sure you and your husband keep open and honest communication before, during, and after the physical activities. For me, I only want my guy. How about you FANTASIZE all you like with only…….ME.

Would you have a threesome. Why or Why Not?

Ms. Culture Keeper-


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