Watch BET present their first ever original documentary: Vixen

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From scantily clad video vixens to explicit rhymes and hot R&B hooks, the 90s and 2000s were filled with raunchy rap songs and must see music videos to match.

It was the era of the uncut, and music-lovers from all over could tune in to their favorite video countdown shows to check out the latest, seductive visuals from their favorite hip-hoppers. These videos always included Cristal champagne, Bentley’s, mansions, furs, and the hottest video vixen. is introducing a new documentary that will shine a light on a community that has seemingly dissipated over time: video vixens.

Featuring commentary from some of the most legendary faces in the hip-hop vixen world, including the likes of  Lola Monroe, Rosa Acosta, Melyssa FordKarrine SteffansBuffie the BodyGloria Velez and more, the introspective doc gives a first-hand take on how the hip-hop music industry was shaped by these models’ presences.

In addition to the ladies’ stories, Vixen also includes takes from influential figures in hip-hop culture who played a hand in the rise and sustainability of video vixen culture.

Watch below:

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  1. PREET says:

    I love documentary show. This looks something that I and my husband would really love to watch.


  2. New Coupon Diva says:

    This is a very interesting watch. It will be great to hear the story told from the perspective of the video Biden, especially since it carries such negative connotations.


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